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Cirque du Sadique


Cirque du Sadique is a sadistic circus and carnival run by Mordecai Baalkor, a celebrity lehlt mage of Vorn. It’s held during The Darkening phase to rile the city up for The Pruning.


The circus itself is held in The Mortar, and the carnival is set up in the surrounding area.


The first GodGrinder tournament was a method the Council used to select citygods. This is the ultimate competition for mages, most of whom regularly participate in the lesser, regularly-held MageGrinder. Unlike MageGrinder, only select participants are permitted to compete - for this reason, the event is seen as a higher sport. GodGrinder is held during the last two trisks of Last Dream.

While GodGrinder continues to take place every turn, the Council has not made any other victors citygods. This hasn't kept mages from taking it just as seriously, perhaps in the hopes that the Council will take notice of a particularly gruesome or showy victory.



Hearthhunt refers to citizens exploring abandoned areas of Nodd to scavenge usable artifacts left behind before The Pruning takes place. 


Architecture becomes especially anxious during this time, and may trap hearthhunters inside in an effort to make themselves appear occupied and wanted, and therefore safe from culling. The buildings may also attempt to spawn desirable items and amenities such as banquet spreads and furniture to lure in potential owners - but these items are usually what hearthhunters mean to take before abandoning the building to its fate.


Some buildings don’t lure hunters in an attempt to be owned, but simply out of spite in their final moments. In either case, this makes the HearthHunt a dangerous sport, and many don’t come back alive.




MageGrinder is a tournament held frequently in The Mortar. Here, powerful mages are pitted against one another as gladiators to fight to the death, empowered by their audience.

Any mage of any caliber may enter, and most see the event as cheap entertainment and wanton violence.


The Pruning


The Pruning happens during the final trisk of the Neverlight phase. During this time, the Council sends forth destructive forces to clean up old and dilapidated structures to make room for new growth. During this time, it's customary to cause as much destruction as one can muster to the city - including its citizens. 


Sprigs of devilmint adorn every entryway and bannister. This herb can be chewed to induce feelings of mischief and cruelty.




Sporefall refers to a season in Nodd during which architecture gives off spores. These spores give way to new structures in Nodd, and have aphrodisiac and euphoria-inducing properties when inhaled or otherwise consumed.

This happens during the phase of The Awakening.


The Sporefall Festival


The Sporefall Festival is a celebration held during Sporefall, on the last trisk of The Awakening. During this time, various foods and drinks prepared with spores are served, sporelings are sold, and citizens indulge in blissful festivities.

The Turning

The Turning is a celebration that marks the end of the current turn in Nodd, and ushers in the next. This follows The Pruning, and citizens celebrate their survival of the city's insatiable cruelty, and wish one another good fortune in the coming turn.

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