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Here is a list of commonly encountered occupations and roles in Nodd. Naturally, a citizen may have one or many roles.

Council-specific roles can be found here.

These are distinct from mage titles.


Apothecarist - Apothecarists create potions, drugs, and other substances. They’re often seen in the company of botanists.


Architect - Architects cultivate and maintain the buildings and other structures of Nodd. They grow and reshape them, as well as treat illnesses and perform surgeries.

Arcanologist - Arcanologists study the workings of Nodd, which may include magic itself, sapients, fauna, or flora.


Assassin - Assassins dispatch a chosen target in exchange for payment or services.


Battlemage / Beastmage - Battlemages engage in combat with other mages. These battles can often be seen in the streets of Nodd, where the attention of spectators can contribute to chaos generation. Some battlemages use beasts, which they may choose to fight alongside, or simply direct. Battlemages whose tactic relies primarily on beasts may call themselves "beastmages".

Like heroes and villains, battlemages may have their own alias and coordinated attire.


Bartender - Bartenders in Nodd are no different than those of other realms, serving drinks and gossip to those who patronize their establishment. Bars in Nodd tend to be very thematic, and often the employees will follow the given theme.


Botanist - Botanists cultivate and sell plants for various purposes. They often work in concert with apothecarists.

Carriage Driver - Carriage drivers employ beasts - usually miggwitches - to taxi citizens around the city.

Chef - The city boasts an exotic variety of items just waiting to be fried, baked, broiled, and sauteed. Nodd's chefs see to all this in order to please the discerning palates and satisfy the monstrous bellies of hungry citizens.


Chirurgeon - Chirurgeons use a variety of spells and instruments to treat wounds, illnesses, curses, parasites, and other afflictions.

Cityspeaker - A seer in Nodd. These individuals have a gift that allows them to sense the will of the City.

Council Attendant - Council Attendants work for the Council in various roles. See the Council page for more info.

Drifter - A drifter has no defined role, but wanders where they please and makes the most of their circumstances.


Escort - Escorts provide sexual services, and may employ magic, bizarre fetishes, unique experiences, or other special tactics to compete with others.

Gondolier - Gondoliers usher citizens through Nodd's canals on narrow boats, and may provide refreshments or entertainment for the journey.


Hero - Heroes take it upon themselves to protect the defenseless in Nodd, without demanding payment. Heros define themselves with an alias and coordinated attire.


Hunter - A hunter dispatches dangerous wildlife and other pests. Most hunters fill their home with exotic trophies from their kills.


Menagerist - These individuals make their living by collecting Nodd’s fauna and showing it off in a personal menagerie.


Mercenary - In Nodd, mercenaries offer protective services in exchange for payment.

Pilot - Pilots operate various aerial vehicles - often dirigibles and balloons - to ferry citizens through the city's skies.


Stimulist - These individuals offer torture services to those unable to generate enough chaos by other means. Their often small shops are recognizable by the large window in front of the torture chair; this allows passers-by to witness the horrors within. Often a crowd will gather for the duration, given the torturer is sufficiently skilled and creative - the bigger the audience, the more chaos is generated.


 A session of torture pays both the torturer and torturee, but the establishment will often charge an additional cost for their services. 

Tempest - Offers weather spell services, for your home or event.


Tinker - Creates, customizes, or restores artifacts.

Villain - Villains make it their job to impede heroes, or generally cause trouble to draw attention. Villains define themselves with an alias and coordinated attire.


Vulture - Vultures are those who scavenge the corpses of citizens for belongings or body parts. They will usually then go on to sell these items.

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