Is it possible for an insider to leave Nodd?

It is not currently thought to be possible for an insider to leave Nodd.


Do I need to give you a cut when using your concepts commercially?

I don't require you to provide any form of compensation for using my concepts. Please just credit me as appropriate.

Do I need to pay in order to use Nodd's concepts?

No, you're welcome to enjoy Nodd without subscribing, purchasing, or adopting. Please take a look at the Rules before doing anything.

How do I participate in Nodd?

In just about any way you like. Feel free to use my art for any personal purpose - RP, art, whatever - as long as you provide credit. You can also use my concepts for any personal or commercial purpose - again, with appropriate credit given. There will be a variety of interactive bits throughout the development of Nodd, in the form of games, templates, adoptables, YCH, events, and who knows what else. Let's see what happens. There's also the Discord, where there are themed RP rooms and a few other things.

What is the point of the Ego Profile?

The ego profile serves as a place to stash whatever nonsense you feel like collecting throughout the development of Nodd. It can also serve as a character profile for Nodd-themed RP, if you're into that sort of thing.


Can I help work on Nodd?

I'm not currently looking for any help on the project, but this may change. Let's find out.

Can my character be in Nodd officially?

I'm not looking to include anyone in the lore permanently, but may feature cameos from time to time. I will make it known when I'm looking for characters to use as cameos; please don't contact me about it.

What is this and why?

This is a fictional setting for kinky adults, written and illustrated by Slug. It mostly exists as a project to keep me sane, and as a world to inspire terrible things for your artistic and/or roleplay endeavors. This is an ongoing project I intend to add to until it's no longer interesting.

Which account(s) should I follow to see more?

For Nodd-specific art, updates, in-character announcements and other campy nonsense, I will mainly be posting to City of Nodd's Twitter and Discord. Follow these if you want to see all the dumb ideas I come up with, or stick to Slug/Filthytalons if you just want the porn; I will retweet/repost the juicy stuff to my main accounts. Please be warned that ANY KINK may appear on City of Nodd's accounts, but I endeavor to use warnings when feasible. If you're sensitive to gore and/or scat, it's encouraged you join the Discord channel where I will be using spoiler images. (City of Nodd indeed has an FA account, but I am not currently using it for anything but the icon.)

Who's Oddbird?

That would be me. I actually anticipated making a name change back in 2019, but decided to not go through with it for the time being. If you see the name floating around anywhere, it's either because I missed one or something hasn't updated yet.