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If you wanna survive in this city, you might want to...

◻️ Read the Rules page

◻️ Read all pages under the Lore section

◻️ Browse the Reference section

◻️ Check out the Induction Noddule

◻️ Download the Ego File Kit and make an Ego File

◻️ Join the Discord Server and meet other citizens

◻️ Watch for official Council updates, and proceed as instructed


Lost, Outsider?


This is a fictional world intended for adults only, particularly those of a kinky nature. It also serves as a setting for all my characters, creatures, and concepts.


Please note that there will be a variety of spicy fetishes depicted throughout this project in both text and images. I endeavor to give warnings where appropriate, but I can't guarantee you'll be able to avoid everything you dislike. Please explore at your own risk.

All concepts are "open" to use as you please, including commercially. All official art can be used for non-commercial purposes as well. In either case, please credit me.

Please note this is an ongoing and dynamic project. I will be constantly updating, revising, and adding to various parts of Nodd.

City of Nodd will be mainly active on Discord. I intend for this to be somewhat interactive and immersive in various kinky, campy, and bizarre ways - let's see what happens~

A subscription is not required to enjoy the vast majority of Nodd. That said, if you'd like to support the project, and would like to see some WiPs in the process, feel free to do so. Any and all support is immensely appreciated.

Okay, that's all. Enjoy~

- Slug

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