Weapons & Devices




An agitator is a crowd-control device that does an intentionally poor job controlling crowds. The tank is worn as a backpack, and a hose can be extended to expel a gas made from devilmint - a strong herb that induces feelings of mischief.


A compass is an old-fashioned device that contains a hologram of the city for navigation. These days, this technology is part of the ego bracer and compasses are only used as a fashion statement.

Control Collar


Control collars are collars imbued with one or several spells to help control the wearer, usually Domesticate, Quell, Beguile, or something more specialized.

In addition, collars are almost never manually locked, but secured with a spell that requires the original caster to unlock.

This technology is also applied to cock rings, which may be imbued with a variety of punishing or humiliating spells that trigger when the wearer gets an erection.

Ego Bracer


An ego bracer is issued to every citizen in Nodd. This wristband can send messages, search the arcanet, store items and familiars, record holograms, cast basic spells, and more.


The screen doesn’t have buttons of any kind, but rather demands the user concentrate on the desired information. The bracer’s audio will be present in the user’s head, and visuals will manifest above the bracer’s screen as a magic hologram. Only the user will see or hear this information; others will only see a colorful jumble of symbols and shapes. If the user is unable to concentrate, the hologram and sounds will fail to manifest. If the user cannot see, or has no sense of sight, one can learn to manifest the information in other ways, or purchase an ego bracer for one’s specific situation.


Most ego bracers also act as a basic utility artifact with several spells one can browse in a list. For a basic ego bracer, these generally include things like light-producing spells, heat and cold, a spout of clean drinking water, and basic self-defense spells. More expensive models may be capable of casting better spells, but usually a mage will have a separate, higher-quality artifact for anything more powerful or specialized. 


Ego bracers need a gloam battery to function. Gloam’s natural green color can be seen in the bracer’s screen, but this can usually be changed in the bracer’s settings - at a small energy cost.


Ego bracers come in many styles, shapes and sizes, and can be customized or upgraded to personal taste - given one has the funds to do so.


Hex Tag 


Hex tags are stickers loaded with conditional curses that affect the victim for as long as the sticker is applied. 


A provoker is a forked rod with live gloam running between the two tines. Considered by most to be extremely painful and highly motivating. These are used by Council Pawns to subdue and control citizens.




A stinger is essentially a blow dart. The darts are small, stinging organisms filled with venom of various effects - usually a tranquilizer, when equipped by Council attendants. The propulsion is provided by a bladder the device is attached to, rather than the user's own lungs.

Theater Box

A small ornate box with a latched lid containing imprisoned microcitizens. The micros are unconscious until the box is opened, which triggers a Commence Routine spell. This forces them to mindlessly perform one of a variety of acts, usually of a musical or theatrical nature.

A variation of the theater box is larger and in the style of a dollhouse, and the micros will mindlessly play the roles of the house's occupants.

Watching theater boxes is considered to be a relaxing way to generate chaos, and some see them as a relatively humane option due to the mind-altering spells involved.

The micros are not usually fed, but are instead simply disposed of and replaced when expended.


Trickster Tin 


A trickster tin casts an entirely random spell when opened. The results may be wonderfully fortuitous, or the last thing one does before waking up in the Resurrection Chamber.


Voyeur’s Glass

A voyeur glass is an artifact that allows the user to record and review an experience. The user will not only see the recorded memory, but can become entirely immersed, experiencing a full range of sensory stimuli when sufficiently focused.

The higher the price tag on blank voyeur’s glasses, the higher the magic concentration, and the more potentially immersive and accurate the captured experience. 




A wand is a generic term applied to any rod-shaped, handheld artifact for general spell casting. Some of them are retractable, and designed to attach to one’s ego bracer.






Carriages may be pulled by any of Nodd’s beasts, or may be self-propelled.




One way to travel Nodd is by balloon, which may be any construct or organism with an air bladder. 




Narrow boats can be seen in the canals of Nodd. Many of these are self-rowing, using long, spindly, arachnid-like legs to propel themselves, but some have gondoliers regardless of this feature - and some gondolas may themselves be the gondolier. In either case, these individuals will offer chat and sometimes refreshments like food, drinks, and substances to their passengers.




A scarab is a hovering vehicle for quickly traversing Nodd at any height. They resemble a trilobite with a glowing green underbelly.


Scarabs require some skill to use - both physically and in terms of magic use - but are imbued with a spell that helps the rider balance. The spell also assures the rider will remain on the vehicle until no longer desired, but this does not prevent collisions, which can easily be deadly at the speeds the scarab can attain. 


The availability of scarabs in conjunction with Nodd’s atmosphere of constant intoxication means that scarab-related accidents stain the sides of many buildings.