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Ravels are problem-solving corvid monsters. These avian beasts have a crooked arrangement of sharp teeth, a long, kinked tail, and an assortment of dark and tattered feathers. Both arms and legs are featherless and scaled. Most ravels also have fleshy, colorful wattles around their jawline and neck - each individual’s wattle is unique, and is an object of avian vanity.

Ravels are known problem-solvers. If a ravel doesn't have a problem to solve, it's said to make one - for this reason, puzzle-making is a popular pastime among ravels. Without this or a similar constructive hobby, individuals tend to dissect their circumstances in search of problems, and often in destructive ways. While generally seen as intelligent, the species is also stereotyped as being paranoid. They are also often assumed to be avid drug-users.


Nurks are jittery rodents with a tendency to hoard a treasured object. Their long toothy snout ends in a prominent leaf whose shape varies by individual. They have a furry mantle, and a large, ragged pair of ears.They're generally seen as dirty - and indeed many nurks carry various diseases and parasites, and are usually covered in boils. They're also known for their promiscuity, and as a result many Noddish hybrids are part nurk.

Nurks may be stereotyped as shrewd, stingy, sneaky, greedy, miserly, or covetous, and are often assumed to be collectors and hoarders due to their compulsion to collect a certain type of item. These items are usually small objects like keys, candles, or bottles - but occasionally one will have a much more bizarre fixation. This desire to hoard is overpowering, and many nurks structure their life around it.


Slyne are lithe, reptilian creatures with a relatively gaunt and bony appearance. Their fragile-looking bodies are covered in pale, drab skin, ornamented with kinked quills or protofeathers and various spines or barbs. Slyne have long, whip-like tails, slender snouts, and vibrant but sunken eyes. Male slyne have pointed "pauldrons" on their shoulders, whereas females lack this feature; this is usually the only way to tell the two sexes apart, as their genitalia is seamlessly hidden in a cloaca until erect.

Most people view slyne as solitary, even sadistic creatures. This comes from the fact that slyne do not draw sustenance from traditional foodstuff: they are sustained by ingesting suffering. Despite the stereotypes, some slyne struggle greatly with their inherent need to inflict suffering on others. Regardless, many non-slyne tend to view the species as cold and sadistic, and some even blame them for the cruel and heartless nature of the City.


A petrid is functionally any inanimate object that has been naturally imbued with life. They often look like living statues or carvings. Many have damage or imperfections from where they were excised from their original locations, either by cutting or breaking. Most possess the ability to self-petrify at will, hence their name. They differ from ambulant furniture and objects in that they are fully sapient and sentient beings, however they may or may not appear outwardsly different. Some petrids may look similar to other species, while others may have wildly different body plans. As such, it can be difficult to differentiate between some petrids and ambulant architecture.

Petrids are often thought to be brooding, sullen, or stubborn - although they are also seen as protectors. Many petrids feel psychologically bound to the building from which they were severed, experiencing phantom sensations and feelings as though a part of their body and consciousness was left behind. Petrids who were 'born' naturally as part of a sexual union between individuals are sometimes viewed as somehow 'lesser' than petrids who were gifted life by what many presume to be the will of the City.

A subsect of petrids who were fashioned out of an Omnillian experiment conducted by the Citygod Quin Aven, are known for their much more gothic and stone-like appearance. These petrids are viewed as something of a 'chosen few' and regarded with anywhere from respect and awe to disdain and scorn by other petrids.


Lehlts are hooved mammalian creatures, possessed of antlers and long, flowing manes. Their appearance is relatively noteworthy in that it is directly influenced by the envy of others. A well-envied lehlt is a graceful, adonis-like creature with a mesmerizing voice and captivating presence; a lehlt with no one to envy them eventually becomes a hunched, drooling, mannerless cretin. Many, though not all lehlt are hermaphroditic, but most individuals regardless of sex or gender spend a great deal of time on personal vanity.

Lehlt are typically viewed as being socially competent, charismatic charmers. Many view them as social linchpins, with large groups clustering around the most elegant of lehlt. Though most make for exceptional company, it may be hard for a stranger to trust that a lehlt's friendliness is sincere. Many struggle with meaningful connections, and some may even avoid the company of other lehlts or high profile individuals in fear of not being the center of attention.


Krudge are large, beastly mammalian creatures that are comfortable walking on either two or four legs. They are invariably bulky or muscled, with tough and mostly hairless hide. They bear manes and facial fur, as well as some tufts on their ears, elbows, and tails - the latter of which is generally very short, or even absent. Both male and female krudge tend to look relatively masculine in build. Krudge are known for their obligations, which are physically binding. A promise made by a krudge must be fulfilled, lest the krudge slowly and inescapably lose their mind.

Krudge are generally regarded as slow, stupid, or brutish creatures. This is usually due to their reticent nature and reluctance to commit without giving things due thought, with many krudge being well-educated or gentle. Quite sincere in their connections, krudge are often slow in their bonds. They may be slow to form friendships and relationships, which is further reflected in their biology: krudge tend to take well over an hour to achieve orgasm. However just like their sexual peak which can last upwards of ten chimes, their friendships - once established - can be unyielding.


Oggori are fat amphbious slugs with addictive secretions. Their hide is moist and slick, and some have protruding nodules which jut up in patterns along their blubbery bodies. They tend to come in vibrant palettes with bold markings. Their fluids contain a psychoactive toxin that causes sedation, feelings of euphoria, hallucinations, and other effects for other species. Each individual’s effects are a bit different, as is the color, scent and taste. Regarless of the variances, they are almost always highly addictive.

Ogg stereotypes tend to portray them as lazy, hedonistic, demanding, or slovenly. Their booming voices, large size, and constantly-drooling body may be to blame for most of these presumptions. In spite of their intimidating or revolting appearance, these creatures are rarely lonely. It’s not uncommon for an individual to find themselves with a small, enraptured harem of non-oggs addicted to their particular brand of venom. This attention is welcomed by many, but less hedonistic sorts may face difficulty in finding meaningful connections or even solitude.

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