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This is a collection of unofficial artwork, music, and stories. If you'd like your work featured here, please contact us.


The Compass House

By Salrith and Kyrie

An interactive story structured as a personality quiz which tells you which House you might align with.

Type: Interactive story

Content: petplay, tf, tgtf, gore, watersports, mind control, vore, snuff, noncon

The Beguiling Eye

By Salrith

A shop that sells magical memory capture devices called Voyeur Glasses. Put them on and you can see/hear/feel what someone else saw/heard/felt!

Type: Interactive story

Content: noncon, mind control,  bestiality, plants, blood, death, forcefeeding, watersports, public

Expecting Company

By Salrith

Cade is expecting company and finds that he hasn't enough Miggwitch milk to entertain. With nothing else for it, he sets out to get some - only to be mugged! He wakes up a while later and has to make his way back home, but can he manage without being ravaged by the terrible wiles of the City of Nodd?

Type: Interactive story

Content: mind control, noncon, oviposition, breeding, impregnation, birthing, bad end

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