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Which accounts should I follow to see more?

Nodd is currently active on FurAffinity and the City of Nodd Discord server. You can also subscribe, if you like.

Will you be adding more species, items, locations, etc.?

Yes. In a very general sense, we hope to continue adding to the lore over time, both in fleshing out existing concepts and introducing new ones.

Can I help work on Nodd?

We're not currently looking for any more help on the project, but this may change. Let's find out.


Will you use my concept in the lore officially?

In general, no - but you are encouraged to develop and share it with the community.

Can my character be featured in an official art piece?

Possibly. We occasionally offer such opportunities to subscribers, and during special events - most of which are hosted on the Discord server.



Do I need to pay in order to use Nodd's concepts?

No, you're welcome to enjoy Nodd's lore without subscribing, purchasing, or adopting.

Can I RP as canon characters?

Feel free to RP whatever you like. If doing so on the official Nodd server do mind that most there will want to stick closely to the canon, however.

Do I need to give you a cut when using your concepts commercially?

No, all we ask is that you credit City of Nodd when appropriate.

Do I need to earn my character's role by participating on the Discord server/subscribing?

No. You may play as a powerful character such as a Council member, cult leader, or godling without earning the right through server participation, being a moderator, or subscribing. Likewise, you are not obligated to RP events such as your character's induction - you may start your story wherever you please.

Can I depict my insider character outside of the Nodd setting?

Absolutely. While not necessarily canon, you're welcome to use your characters as you please.


How does a citizen acquire gloam?

Citizens automatically accumulate gloam after participating in chaotic events.The amount can be seen as a number via one's ego bracer or similar devices, and at any mage kiosk throughout the city. The energy is not stored within the ego bracer itself. Mage kiosks also allow a citizen to withdraw any numerical amount of gloam as material gloam in the form of a cartridge. These cartridges come in a number of shapes and sizes, and can be loaded into a variety of artifacts for casting spells. During a transaction, gloam is exchanged between persons based on intent - no gestures need to be made, and no gloam needs to be withdrawn into a cartridge.

Is it possible for an insider to leave Nodd?

It is not currently thought to be possible for any creature, insider or outsider, to leave Nodd.

Can a mage join more than one house?

While possible, it's unfeasible for a mage to be enrolled in two houses simultaneously, as most require full commitment to its beliefs and rituals. One would likely need to find some way to remain undetected by the other house, and would almost certainly be expelled (or worse) if discovered.

Is it feasible for my character to come in contact with a citygod?

While not likely, it's entirely possible for any citizen to be imprisoned and subjected to the practice known as "god-tending". During this punishment, the victim is forced into the citygod's private chambers, where they'll be used for anything the citygod desires.

Is it possible for my existing OC to be an insider?

Absolutely. You're welcome to say your character originated in Nodd, even if they're not one of Nodd's species. They could be a chimera, or they could be of a recurring species in Nodd that's less common than the ones listed.

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