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More species and info can be found on the Arcanet.


Also known as slugpuppies, mephitoads are walrus-sized amphibians known for their propensity for eating trash and leaving behind relatively toxic slime. They have four eyes, long floppy ears, and four chin barbels. Their hind legs are vestigial, and they instead move on a strong, mucus-secreting tail. The toxicity of their slime tends to come from their diet, meaning that pet mephitoads can be safe to keep, however they lack any cognitive impulse to stop eating. Mephitoads are the beloved familiar of House Viviria.


Sletchers are large, eyeless, earless, hairless, dog-like creatures. Heavily associated with House Vorn, they have pink or reddish flesh that superficially appears as exposed muscle tissue. Their tails are bifurcated and end with bony hooks at the tips, with male sletchers also in possession of a large "blade" on their chin. They are relatively intelligent and have an incredibly sensitive sense of touch, letting them sense where things are through changes in temperature and currents in the air. They communicate through "chattering" their teeth, and are very affectionate - both generally speaking, and intimately.


The squall is a theropod-like predator. It has dark, armor-plated hide, a long tail, and claws which have partially fused into scythes. Its inner flesh ranges from black to white with various cool, drab tones in between. The squall is known for its shriek, known as “Squall of the Void”. This sound will cause prey to become complacent if not inviting of death, allowing the beast to more easily overpower them. Squalls are the cherished familiar of House Umbrasia, and their wails echo through the pallid halls of the citadel.


Querils are small, colorful, flightless birds. In place of wings, they have long black quills. ​The tail of a queril is a cluster of tentacles, each one densely feathered. On each tip is a tufted plume from which hallucinogenic dust is produced. Querils are capable of speech, but only seem able to ask questions. Oftentimes the questions are nonsensical or irrelevant, making conversation unfeasible, and the intellectual capacity of the queril difficult to assess. Querils deck the labyrinthine halls of the Psilysium citadel, where they confuse and mislead disciples with their dust-induced illusions.


Spooks are arcane constructs that vaguely resemble birds, often utilized for surveillance or protection. Their forms vary in size and design, each with their own purpose and capabilities. Spooks can be found heavily in House Omnillian, and within the Council Spire in general. While they are not generally considered conscious, some citizens see them as such.



The orolisk - a small and unassuming serpentine creature - possesses the ability to take on the appearance of an inanimate object. If someone unknowingly attempts to use that object, they will themselves turn into the object, and the orolisk will slither free. Orolisks are the official familiar of House Morphoria, and are mostly known for their tendency to torment unsuspecting citizens - the act of which sustains them.


Feasters are slender quadrupeds which eat only memories. This is achieved by the feaster latching onto the prey’s skull with their mandibles and siphoning out select patches of consciousness. The victim will usually survive the encounter, but will no longer be able to recall the stolen memories. Inside the creature, the memories are stripped of meaning, and what remains is known as "tedium", which is then discarded. The tedium is expelled as a black haze from one or both ends. Inhaling this haze would yield a jumbled mash of meaningless sensations and emotions.


Miggwitches are tall, nervous, stilt-legged deer creatures, usually employed as beasts of burden within the city. Their legs are fleshless from the last joint to the end of their digitless limbs. This is thought to be an adaptation to the aquatic flesh-eating worms that inhabit the swampy waters of their home. The vagina of miggwitches is covered in microscopic urticating filaments. This causes the male an excruciating amount of pain - unless he's eaten sufficient amounts of a certain plant that partially numbs his genitalia.


The kudzu is a carnivorous plant that is feared by many citizens. It remains as an amorphous tangle of vines until prey is spotted. It then forms itself into a shape that roughly matches that of its victim. From here, it entangles prey to wring the life from them. The resulting pulp is absorbed into the creature's vines. ​After the kudzu has finished with its prey, it deposits the resulting husk, grotesquely mummified into the position it was forced into inside the creature. The kudzu reproduces by depositing seeds in the soil from the tip of its tail bulb. It may also inject these into prey as it feeds, sealing the victim's husk around them.


Furniture in Nodd is alive to varying degrees - when a piece of furniture gains enough autonomy, its considered "ambulant". The appearance of ambulant furniture can vary as much as one would expect of furniture - living ottomans, beds, wardrobes, bathtubs, toilets and more can all become ambulant. While many consider this an undesirable trait and a reason to disown the furniture piece in question, some choose to stop treating them as objects and start treating them as pets instead.

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