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It would appear the CIRCUS is in town.

As you make your way through the Vorn district, you're greeted by the clamor of festivities. It appears there's an event going on near The Mortar.

Music, screams and howls of laughter become louder as you approach. Lights redden; the air itself seems to take on a sanguine tinge.

You make your way to an entrance, and are greeted by a color-coordinated ravel wearing a somewhat manic expression.

"Welcome to Mordecai Baalkor's Cirque du Sadique."


On your way towards the main area, you notice a number of concession stands selling greasy carnival fare. The tantalizing scents waft through the streets, mingling with the faint but persistent smell of gore.

You peruse the stalls for a few moments, tending to your hunger and thirst. Everything sold seems laden with grease, sugar, or some manner of intoxicating substance - oftentimes, all of the above.

Sated for the moment, you continue forwards, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells around you. You make your way to the main part of the carnival, from which you see a number of sinister-looking attractions.

The crowd's restlessness subsides as the lights in The Mortar darken. You hear only a few coughs and grunts as a stifling silence consumes the crowd. And then, a glorious fanfare blares throughout the stadium.

A spotlight draws attention to the center of the arena, and in a crackling burst of bright red gloam, Mordecai and his troupe appear.

His amplified voice echoes throughout The Mortar with such resonance you can feel it in humming in your chest.


Or perhaps that's the anticipation?


[ This Noddule is a WiP. If you'd like to volunteer for a circus act, please sign up before 12/19. ]


The Council of Nodd thanks you for indulging in this experience. Please update your ego file accordingly.

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