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this is the City of Nodd.

One of the first things you notice is the smell.

It could be the moldering piles of garbage heaped in mounds against the sides of buildings, appearing to have been soaked repeatedly in rain.

Or, it could be the strangely-colored plumes of smoke spiraling from various grates in the ground.

It could also be the musk coming off of... whatever that is.


You try holding your breath, and assess your surroundings.

There are numerous strange, hideous creatures making their way through the streets. They size you up as they pass, and more than a couple of them reach out to grasp and touch parts of you. Some just stop and stare, seemingly enraptured by your exotic appearance.

"An outsider..." you hear.

"A chosen one...!" another gasps.

You continue making your way through the winding, maze-like streets. You come to an area with a number of shops and street carts.



"Hey, outsider!" one of the vendors shouts. "Anything I can do for ya to make this city feel a little more like, eh... wherever it is ya come from?" He motions with a scaly hand to his wares, on display atop a cart.

Something with red, glowing eyes in a cage chitter-hisses, making the cage rattle. A few skeletons of unknown organisms hang from a string, clattering lightly against one another. Something blue growing out of a bottle pulsates.


There's likely nothing this stranger is selling that would remind you of home.






You come to a small shop branded as Darkhaze. They seem to sell pipes, hookahs, and an assortment of other smoking devices.

"Anything catch your eye, outsider?" the shopkeep asks.


You continue making your way through the shops, and come to a small side street. There's less foot traffic here.

Darkling Row VR

You eventually come to a small establishment labeled Grud's Grub.

You confess you are a bit hungry.



Behind the counter is large gentleman with a body like an overstuffed garbage bag. He greets you by salivating onto his neck rolls.


His name tag tells you that this is, in fact, Grud himself.


You feel satiated.

Near Grud's Grub, you notice a store called Eggpluck's Discount Familiars.

You make your way towards this surely charming establishment. Every few moments you're bumped into, usually by something larger than you, and less sober. You can only awkwardly weave your way there, getting a few snorts, snarls, and sneers from passers-by.



The store is a squat building with a single large window in front that shows a variety of cages and tanks, stacked high and stuffed full of various creatures. Eyes blink and tentacles curl in your peripheral as you make your way inside, the door propped open. This might be to allow some of the bestial musk out, as you're buffeted with the stink of the store's interior as you enter.



There are a number of cages of every shape and size, mostly stacked against the walls. A few creatures are outside cages, but are perched on branches with chains tethering them there. There are also several jars and baskets of eggs of various shapes, sizes and colors.

The shopkeep emerges from a curtained doorway in the back. "Hello, hello," he says, a rodent-ish looking thing, only a couple feet in height. He's wearing a tattered apron covered in a similar palette of stains to what covers the floor.

"Looking for a companion? I just got these three in - all lovely, I'm sure."

"Any of them call to you?"

You casually select a lifelong commitment, and bid Eggpluck and his discount familiars farewell.

Continuing your somewhat aimless trek through the plaza, you come upon the Outside Inn.

Peering through the warped, green-tinted windows, you think you catch a glimpse of a couple creatures within who may also be outsiders.

Perhaps this is a safe place to rest for the night.


The Council of Nodd thanks you for indulging in this experience. Please update your ego file accordingly.

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