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Darkling Row VRchat Room

Please note that this is very experimental; I'm very new to 3D. This room is unfinished and mostly serves as a sample of things to come.

I won't be using VRchat to showcase these indefinitely, but for now it's an easy way to let you check out the environments I make.

The ambient soundtrack is from by mr45.

Please enter at your own risk; VRchat is a bit iffy with adult content (though there's not much in this one). This is not a publicly listed room, I'm using The Great Pug's link generator. Please don't share this room in any public rooms, invite minors, etc.

The same chat rules apply here as on Discord. You will be banned from the Discord for any harassment here.

NOTE: You don't actually need a VR headset to use VRchat.


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