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Refers to the food version of greep, an eyeless pest creature that nests in garbage. Chicken of the Void is a brand of canned greep.


A sweet and spicy bean used to make drinks, or ground into a paste as a filling for pastries.

Couch Potato


Couch potatoes are the testicles harvested from ambulant furniture, used as food. Considered bottom-shelf fare, but are nearly edible when deep-fried.


Couch shrimp


The meat from the inside of a chair or table leg. A little sweet and earthy.


Couch Steak

Couch steak is any meat taken from cushioned furniture. Has approximately the texture of liver, and is bluish-purple in color.


A black, lumpy, thorny fruit with bright green insides and purple seeds. The taste is sweet and often quite sour.


When used alone, this term usually refers to the flesh from the Abbatoir, which is usually a ground mix of sapient citizens, beasts, ambulant furniture, and whatever else gets scraped off the streets. Usually cheap and easy to come by.

The bodies are ground without much preparation, and quality control is minimal. It's not uncommon to find bones, teeth, claws, scales, fur, bits of clothing or jewelry in one's meat, so it's best to give it a brief inspection prior to cooking or eating.



Nectar generally refers any drink made with the sap taken from various flora in Nodd. Often mildly intoxicating, but usually regarded a soft drink.


Pfoff is a plant that grows in clumps around the city during the Melanus season. It's most notable for its hair-like fibers covered in a sweet, sticky sap. It's usually harvested and used in confections, but may be dried and used ornamentally on occasion. It's also considered an aphrodisiac, and can cause priapism if consumed in excess.


Shriek Bladder


Shriek bladders come from the throats of squalls. Consuming one causes the fear of death to dissipate temporarily; this effect may be more pronounced if not properly cooked.


A pink and purple berry that grows in sagging, tumor-like clusters from blue branches. Sweet, floral, and a bit musky in taste. Used often in drinks.




Salad in Nodd is often alive and animate. One may need more than a fork to subdue the bowl of flailing tendrils.


Sloach refers to an edible slug which is usually seasoned, skewered, and grilled. Boiling them is usually a terrible idea, as it causes them to become excessively slimy.




Tenderling is a term that refers to any microcitizen that has been deemed food. Calling one’s food a micro is considered a taboo by some.


Tenderlings are good fried, boiled, baked, sauteed, juiced, candied, pickled, ground into sausage, or even eaten raw and alive.


Live tenderlings are the preferred food of many slyne, who must cause suffering in order to feed.






Blackwine is an alcoholic drink made with the berries of the Widow's Tale vine. The drink tends to induce greater sadness than the berries it's made with.

Bug Shots


Bug shots refer to the usage of glutlings as an alcohol delivery method. The tick-like worms will gorge themselves on any fluid they come in contact with - in this case, booze. Once swollen, they can be popped into the mouth and burst. The heads should then be spit out, as they continue to live and bite for several minutes.




Devilmint is a reddish, spade-shaped herb that, when consumed, inspires feelings of mischief. Pranks and vandalism often follow consumption.

It can be chewed, smoked, or made into a tea. Its flavor is something along the lines of spearmint, cinnamon, and black pepper.




Featherdust is the hallucinogenic substance that comes from a queril's tailfeathers. 


Gutter Cabbage


Gutter cabbage refers to a mildly hallucinogenic pink moss that tends to grow in gutters, ditches, in fountains and wells, and on waterspouts. Most describe it as having a foul, bitter, unpalatable taste. In addition, it causes vertigo and nausea that render it uninteresting to nearly any drug user who can afford better.


​In some parts of Nodd, it's used in cooking. When cooked, the plant has little to no psychoactive effect, but tastes approximately as terrible.


Nightmare Fuel


Nightmare fuel is a drink, usually served as a cocktail. It induces feelings of intense terror when consumed.




Phantasm is a psychoactive magic substance. It primarily makes the user feel calm, but markedly dissociated with feelings of being imaginary. Impulse and ability to verbally articulate are suppressed. Also causes the user to appear slightly translucent and levitating.




Prickledust is a fine dust that causes a maddening itching sensation that does not abate with scratching. 




Sparkle is a psychoactive magic substance. It makes the user feel loving, tolerant, and euphoric. It also temporarily alters their colors and markings to be more saturated and garish, which increases with dose.




Sweetsand is a psychoactive magic substance that increases the user's ability to perceive high concentrations of sensory complexity. Best for solo use, as it tends to cause irritability in social situations. 


Widow’s Tale


Widow's Tale is a small, black, tear-shaped berry that grows in clusters on vines. Consumption tends to cause feelings of overwhelming sorrow and uncontrollable crying.

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