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The Abbatoir

The Abbatoir is where any corpses are sent when collected by the Council Sweeps. In addition, citizens are frequently sent here as a form of execution known simply as "slaughtering".

Various food products are made with the flesh of citizens, and is referred to ambiguously as "meat".

The Abyss

The Abyss refers to the area outside the City of Nodd, particularly that past the spread of the city's light.

There's no sun in the abyss, and many strange and terrible creatures dwell within the impenetrable darkness.


Aeolia is a sprawling nature park upon a series of floating islands, all connected by bridges. Much of it is forested, and several paths wind throughout. An ancient piece of Nodd history, it is nearly devoid of architecture despite being close to the center of the city. There are no events held here, and it tends to be quiet all turn. For this reason, it serves as a place of meditation for many citizens.


High above the city in The Crown tier, the park is only accessible by teleportation or aerial vehicles.

The Amphitheater

The Amphitheater is a large outdoor theater outside The Underchambers, mainly used for carrying out public punishment and execution.


Punishments and executions are performed day and night in The Amphitheater, and the public is encouraged to attend. A citizen can access a schedule of upcoming punishments and executions via their ego bracer, and attend whatever piques their interest.


Black Ditch Couture


Black Ditch Couture is a shop offering a variety of clothing known as vulturewear. Colorful fur shawls and cloaks, scaly hide gloves, and armor made of exoskeleton hang in the windows. Many more exotic treasures are displayed within.


Vulturewear refers to any clothing item made with the remains of a citizen. Due to Nodd's resurrection procedure and the city's lax attitude towards death, the corpses of citizens can occasionally be seen left in the streets, wilderness, or elsewhere. While generally cleaned up within a few hours by Council guards, purveyors of vulturewear keep an eye on dangerous areas in case anyone with a particularly unique or attractive hide or pelt happens across a terrible fate.


While the accusations are rampant, individuals in the vulturewear business (usually just referred to as "vultures") claim to never kill the sources of their product, but wait for them to die by other means.




Bespoken offers fully custom sex partners and companions. These are temporary summons that come in a pre-loaded artifact, and the store allows the client to choose everything from eye color to secret fetish - and everything in between.

The Canopy

The Canopy refers to the the tiers above ground level, reachable by elevator, teleportation, and various aerial vehicles.

The Cauldron


This is a renowned gourmet eatery in a lineup of such establishments in Sundered Ridge. It's owned by Bartisia Gritt, a petrid of celebrated culinary talent. While Bartisia herself now makes only infrequent celebrity appearances, her methods and standards are strictly upheld by her higher apprentices.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is extremely expensive to dine here, and often difficult to secure a reservation without some amount of celebrity status or connection. Violence is not tolerated on the premises.

The Crown

The Crown refers to the floating islands above The Canopy. These are almost exclusively inhabited by celebrities and various luxurious establishments. They are only reachable by teleportation or aerial vehicle.

The Crown is also where Aeolia is located.

The Council Spire


The Council Spire is a massive branching tower, and includes many rooms. It is the headquarters of the The Council, including the residence of the citygods. It is close to the center of Nodd.


The Conduit is positioned atop the Spire.

The Doldrums

The Doldrums refer to the land directly surrounding the city, which receives some of the city's light. The Doldrums end where the Abyss begins.

The Doldrums contain mostly plains, forests, and swamps.


The Exhibit


The Exhibit hosts shows and events, such as:


Menagerist shows

Omnillian artifact presentations

Psilysium illusory shows

Fashion shows

Artifact auctions

Beast auctions

Slave auctions


Gray Harvest


This is a shop specializing in goods both hunted and gathered from the Abyss. Hunting trophies, pets, fruits, vegetables and house plants, rocks and other natural curiosities are sold here.

The Grotesquerie


The Grotesquerie is the largest menagerie in Nodd, housing many an exotic and bizarre creature over several acres of sprawling park. It's publicly accessible for a small admission fee.

Guests are ferried through a number of biomes on hovering platforms, shielded by magic force fields. This allows citizens to enjoy the fauna up close while remaining safely behind a barrier - given everything's functioning as intended, of course.


The Intrepid Interlopers


The Intrepid Interlopers is a publicly accessible guild of heroes. While most heroes work in exclusive companies, The Intrepid Interlopers seek any who will lend their time and prowess to protect the defenseless of Nodd.


Their headquarters is expansive, and includes a training room, assembly hall, sleeping quarters, showers, cafeteria, lounge, and a courtyard.


Julpie's Jars


This is a street vendor that sells a variety of mystery jars. Most are filled with garbage, useless trinkets, or even parasites - but some contain powerful artifacts, creature eggs, substances, and more.




Here, customers may purchase a chance to solve immersive, illusive puzzles crafted by Psilysium and its alumni. Winners receive prestigious honors and prizes; losers receive either a bruised ego, death, or something in between -  depending on the puzzle and the stakes, of course.

The Lair of Villainy

The Lair of Villainy is thought to have been established in response to the founding of The Intrepid Interlopers. It operates similarly, but with the intent of causing mayhem.

Their headquarters is a large, subterranean facility with a training room, assembly hall, dungeon, laboratory, sleeping quarters, showers, cafeteria, lounge, and a courtyard.

The Beguiling Eye


The Beguiling Eye is a prominent and reputable vendor of voyeur glasses - enchanted lorgnettes that allow the user to record and review an experience. The user will not only see the recorded memory, but can become entirely immersed, experiencing a full range of sensory stimuli when sufficiently focused.


A cluttered but aesthetic interior offers a selection of pre-recorded experiences, from hardcore sex to relaxation. Among these are the occasional "sample - have a look!" pairs - smudged with fingerprints, these offer several-second teases of whatever experience they advertise. Some of the more intense are marked with bright red warning tags.


The shop also offers blank glasses in a variety of models - the more expensive, the higher the magic concentration, and the more potentially immersive and accurate the captured experience.


Always on the lookout for unique experiences, The Beguiling Eye may be eager to purchase or trade.


The Mortar

The Mortar is a large arena near the center of Nodd. It is the site of many brutal games, sports, and events. The most prominent of these are Nodd's annual GodGrinder, where powerful battlemages fight to the death for prestige.


Some examples of events hosted in The Mortar include:


GodGrinder and other mage battles

Omnillian construct battles

Psilysium illusory death courses 

Cirque du Sadique



Mulm is an aquatic bar. Those without gills (or very healthy lungs) may purchase a spell to enable breathing underwater. It's not possible to enjoy the bar without this ability.


The bar, and all its amenities, are underwater. Drinks are served in enchanted containers that enable consumption underwater.


Softly glowing magic rings, tunnels, and other interesting bits of arcanum and architecture give patrons much to explore. Windows are colorful and numerous, casting spectacular wavering patterns throughout the bar. Bioluminescent aquatic flora sway softly from various planters, and arcane devices send torrents of bubbles upwards from the floor.


The restrooms are in a specialized, filtered area, and rooms for sex are similarly constructed. Secreting or excreting into the water is grounds for removal from the establishment, and multiple signs throughout the building give this warning - for all the good they do, considering what the "sediment" along the floor may be made of. Most regular patrons don't swim down that far, anyway, for fear of roiling the waters.


The Underchambers


The Underchambers serves as City of Nodd's prison.  Citizens who go against the Council, are too chaotic to control effectively, or don’t commit enough chaos are abducted and held here.


The Underchambers are a subterranean tower consisting of three cylindrical columns, each containing a ring of prison cells on each floor, all connected by bridges in a triangular arrangement. An elevator carries passengers to any of the numerous levels. At the top of the tower is the lobby, staff headquarters, and a glass-covered courtyard for visitation. In front of the tower is the Amphitheater, an area designed for carrying out public punishment and execution.


Each cell is tailored to meet the inmate's basic needs and contain them effectively - more valued or celebrated inmates may receive a comfortable if not luxurious biome in which to live, whereas less known criminals would be provided only the legally-required necessities. An inmate's identification number is their floor, ring, and cell numbers.


Inmates are organized according to crime and physiology, and under most circumstances may only socialize with others on their floor. All inmates are nude other than an ID collar. The collar fires an injection of sedatives if it passes past the boundary of the prison campus.


Those who have been imprisoned for inactivity will be subjected to custom-tailored tortures. The goal is to awaken something dark within these citizens before releasing them back into the streets.


Heavily armed guards, constructs, and trained creatures stand at posts along every bridge, in every cell block, and in the elevators.


The warden is Treechur Kriles.

The Oubliette


The Oubliette is a popular bar, notable for its ruthlessly indulgent atmosphere and dangerously exotic attractions and amenities. Several deaths are generally reported on a nightly basis. Some consider it something of a rite of passage to spend an evening here.


The bar offers the most powerful substances it can stock, many of them new and not sufficiently tested by the mages who created them. In fact, the establishment sometimes knowingly receives completely untested substances from apothecarists who provide them for free in exchange for willing test subjects. These drugs are labeled as "untested - effects unknown", and many patrons seek to prove themselves to their peers by purchasing and ingesting them.


In addition, The Oubliette has a collection of voyeur glasses - artifacts containing extremely intense, frightening, or painful experiences. These are available for rent, and are regularly employed for various machismo games.


Violence occurs somewhat freely here between patrons, but too much destruction, particularly of staff or property, is unwelcome and dealt with accordingly. There are rarely full-on brawls.

The Outside Inn

The Outside Inn is a small tavern near the outer gates of Nodd, established to help welcome in outsiders after the induction procedure. It features a bar, tables, a restroom, and several private inn rooms. Each inn room features a bed, bathroom, and refrigerator. The atmosphere is mostly non-violent.


Pungent Unguents


While the name doesn't necessarily rhyme, it's a good description of the establishment's wares. This shop offers a plethora of potions, rows and rows of dusty shelves cluttered with vials. Some grant combat skill, others bestow sharper wit, some transform one's genitalia into a live sloach. Some make good party drugs, others are excellent cooking ingredients. The variety is endless, but all of them smell terrible.

The Slough

This is a district of Nodd in the Omasum level where the Court of Sanitation is located. Often referred to as The Sewer District.

The Cult of Byle's headquarters are in The Slough.

Sundered Ridge

Sundered Ridge is considered to be the wealthiest district in Nodd, located in The Crown. It's home to only the most celebrated mages, and boasts a number of exclusive establishments.

The Surface

The Surface refers to the ground level of Nodd.


The Underbelly


The Underbelly refers to the subterranean levels of Nodd. There are four levels, in order of depth:


The Rumen

The Reticulum

The Omasum

The Abomasum


The Wattle & Snood


This bar caters to all species, but ravels - and avian species in general - constitute the bulk of their patronage. Its amenities reflect this, and furnishings consist of birdcages, sprawling trees, and bathing fountains. Competitive puzzle-solving, intellectual games, and ample drug use are seen in this towering, dimly-lit roost.


​Beyond alcohol and other drinkables, a plethora of substances is offered for purchase at the bar, and private rooms are available for heavier or more disabling drug use, sex, or some combination of both. Large, elaborate smoking devices and other implements adorn tables and booths for patron use. There are no entrees available, but rather a variety of hors d'oeuvres.


Prices are moderate, and the atmosphere is mostly non-violent, but can be unwelcoming or cold; a new patron may face difficulty in trying to participate in games, or may be the subject of hazing.

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