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This section contains violent and gross descriptions. Browse at your own risk.


Most punishmable crimes a citizen can commit are due to not generating enough chaos, or going against the Council in some way. Punishments and executions are performed day and night in The Amphitheater, and the public is encouraged to attend. A citizen can access a schedule of upcoming punishments and executions via their ego bracer, and attend whatever piques their interest.


Any spells used by a Council Reaper are likely to be of the highest caliber.




During beast-chaining, the victim is restrictively bound to a large, usually quadrupedal beast in some degrading or undesirable way. Often, the victim will have their mouth, genitals, or anus affixed to the creature’s anus or sheath.




During bestialization, the victim is forced into a feral form of themselves and left to fend for themselves in this form until death, losing all status as a sapient citizen. Once resurrected (if they are), they will revert to their original form.


Box Feeding


The torture known as box feeding refers to a victim being placed in a clear, coffin-sized container with a number of hungry vermin who will slowly eat them alive. The container is generally left in the street for all to enjoy.


The Bridle


The bridle refers to a torture method in which the victim is forced to wear a metal device around their head, ass, and/or groin. These devices are fitted with aureoles, which are magic interspatial portals. The other aureole will be stationed in a public area, where strangers can make whatever contribution they please - these contributions will then be forced into the mouth, vagina, ass, or urethra of the wearer.


The Cocoon


The cocoon refers to a form of torture in which the victim is held within the spell Cloying Cocoon and left to rot in their own excrement.




During the practice of dunking, the victim is held above a vat via levitation or bondage, and repeatedly dunked in the substance below. This may be hot oil, freezing water, stinging insects, sewage, cum, or any other number of foul or painful things.


The Funnel


During the torture known as the funnel, the victim is bound to a platform with a large funnel forced between their jaws or into their anus or vagina. Citizens are then encouraged to make whatever liquid contributions they please.



A citizen sentenced to God-Tending is forced into the role of Council Fodder. These expendables are used by The Unseen Ones to tend to the citygods' various needs, such as feeding, bathing, and sexual needs. Council Fodder are almost always killed on the job, but not always.




During gorging, the spells Appetize and Starve are cast on the victim, and they’re provided with an enormous pile of food they will then helplessly consume until they burst.

The Guillotine


Guillotines in Nodd have more than a single hole for the neck. Generally speaking, a victim is forced to place their limbs, tail, and genitalia into separate holes, which may be long to allow for several blades to cleave appendages into several pieces.


Inanimate Confinement


A victim subjected to inanimate confinement is forcibly transformed into an object for a designated period of time. The object is usually something degrading or unpleasant, and something that will then be used by citizens. Examples may include garbage cans, urinals, toilets, rugs, or similar items.




During mortification, the victim is subjected to the spell Mortify, which causes something embarrassing to happen to the target. This is done in a highly public area.


The Pillory


The pillory refers to a wooden device for restraining the neck, wrists, and genitals. Often citizens will be encouraged to harass the victim in any way desirable.




Prickling is a torture that involves the victim stripped nude and restrained spread-eagle, and then covered in prickledust. Prickledust is a powder that induces severe itching.




Shrinking refers to being reduced to between 1 and 4 inches tall and left to fend for oneself in this form until death. Many microcitizens are micro for this reason. Once resurrected (if they are), they will revert to their original form.



When a citizen is sent to the Abbatoir as a form of punishment, it's known as slaughtering. Here, they'll be processed like any other piece of meat that enters the facility, and the resulting product will be sold to various shops and restaurants.


Splaying is when a citizen's limbs are stretched taut between four posts, either by rope or spell. They're then left in the streets for usage by strangers.


The Tank


During the torture method known as the tank, the victim is placed in a clear, enclosed cylinder with an aureole (a magic portal) installed in the top. Through the portal, water, cum, waste, or another substance will slowly drain, filling the tank and eventually drowning the victim.

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